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Thank you for taking the time to read through our style guide. Our Manual of Style is constantly being updated with best practices that we recommend you follow as you contribute articles to our Pokémon Wiki. By following similar standards, we allow for a more clean and consistent formatting across our encyclopedia. We do understand that certain circumstances may warrant differing formatting as each article is situational. Obviously, these guidelines will not fit perfectly in each scenario, so use your own discretion when necessary. Please do try your best to adhere to the advice we have outlined in this manual so that other users may use your edits as a blueprint when creating/editing their own. Thank you for your understanding.

This is a compilation of guidelines that we feel summarize the most important tecniques used for the Pokémon Wiki, but a more extensive set of guidelines can be found on Wikipedia at their official Manual of Style.

Grammatical Best Practices[edit]

Please follow these important rules:

  1. Use the correct homophone (they're, there, and their).
  2. Don't worry about using big words. We're trying to create an encyclopedia for Pokémon fans to learn and grow their knowledge; use whatever word you think fits, don't force it.
  3. Use a variety of different words in your articles. Reading the same word over and over again can become tedious and boring (large, big, gigantic, monstrous, enormous, etc).
  4. Plz don't abbreviate words lyk dis. You're writing an article for a Pokémon Wiki, not texting your best friend! Netspeak is cool, but we'd prefer you kept it out of your articles.
  5. Punctuation is key. Periods, commas, semicolons, exclamation points (when appropriate).

Capitalizing Words[edit]

The first letter of an article's title should always be capitalized. The first letter of a person's name should also always be capitalized (This includes the first and last name), for example: Ash Ketchum (not Ash ketchum).

Adding Italics[edit]

Using italics in your articles is easy, simply put two single quotes (that's 2 single quote marks before and after the word(s)) that you want italicized. Let's say you want to italicize the word Charizard: ''Charizard'' will be displayed as Charizard. Remember, thats two single quotes ('), not double quotes (").

Adding Bold[edit]

Making text bold is just as simple. Instead of using two single quotes before and after a word(s), you use three single quotes. So, '''Charizard''' will be displayed as Charizard.

Adding Links[edit]

To add a link in your articles, put [[]] around the words you'd like to become a clickable link. If you want to link directly to an official Wikipedia article, you would do this: [[wikipedia:|]] and include the article title of the official Wikipedia page, followed by the text you'd like displayed for the link.

For example, [[Charizard]] would be displayed like this Charizard and would link directly to a wiki article on Charizard on this site, and [[wikipedia:charizard|Charizard]] would be displayed like this Charizard and would link to the Charizard article found on Wikipedia.com.


Each and every article should be placed in its appropriate category. You may categorize any article at any time by simply adding [[Category:]] to the top of the editing field for that page.

For instance, adding [[Category:Pokémon Wiki]] would add this Manual of Style article to the Category "Pokémon Wiki".

After saving, you can verify that your article has correctly been categorized by scrolling to the bottom of the page. It will show something similar to what you see at the bottom of this page, but with the appropriate category that you set it to.